Consistency – Day in Day out what are the choices we make!

Consistency –

What is one of the biggest reasons for FAILURE? Is it chance? Is it things didn’t go right? Is it because someone else didn’t do the right thing? Is it because you didn’t have the resource? NO, it is the INCONSISTENCY OF ACTION! I am right there with you, so in this reading I am going to use the terms US and We because we are on this journey together. I am right there with you, need to be more consistent – day in day out!

Anything we want, have, or need can come from consistency! Thomas Edison created 1,093 inventions during his 84 years; Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and thousands of others are EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL. We all know those that are SUCCESSFUL aren’t so because of LUCK, they are consistent and work their BUTT off. When you hear larger than life names what do you think of? No we don’t think they fell into it or they just did enough to get by. People are SUCCESSFUL because they work hard. But working hard gets us so far; CONSISTENCY KEEPS US THERE! Bruce Lee once said “Long Term Consistency Trumps Short Term Intensity”.

Think about that quote – How many of us have gone 1, 2, 3 days or weeks with MASSIVE amounts of INTENSITY? We are extremely devoted, dedicated, and CONSISTENT with focus on one thing – the GOAL! That is the HONEYMOON Stage. We are all happy and want to be doing everything right. What happens day / week 4, 5, 6, and so on once the challenge get harder? Our INTENSITY fades away along with our CONSISTENCY.

Intensity can have multiple levels – we do not need to be off the chart intense every day, every minute; however we do NEED TO BE CONSISTENT EVERY DAY. We need to be CONSISTENT with anything that matters to us! Examples:

  • We can’t be consistent with work but inconsistent with family
  • We can’t be consistent with exercise but inconsistent with nutrition
  • We can’t be consistent with habit but inconsistent with the goal!

What are some tips to help US e more consistent! I stumbled up Dr. Gloria Petruzelli’s website as I was doing some research on consistency. (Click her name to see her website)

  1. Make a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to be consistent. We need to be aware of our consistency or lack thereof. If we are not aware, we cannot make the changes necessary for success.
  2. Revise your concept of time. You need to think of NOW and not later. It is easy to say I will do better tomorrow, I’ll meal prep tomorrow, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, etc. Take ACTION NOW, the one thing not on our side is TIME. No matter what we do, we will not get time back.
  3. Know your OBJECTIVE and Keep the PLAN. When we get off the path, we get lost. Stay on track until you have reached the GOAL
  4. Remember thoughts and feelings are SUBJECTIVE. Negative thoughts or feelings of being challenged can take over, remember in times of challenge – IT WILL END, IT WILL GET BETTER, KEEP MOVING FORWARD
  5. Be in the PRESENT MOMENT. Give 100% of your focus at that moment, then 100% focus on the next thing. Be 100% at work, Be 100% at Home, Be 100% with your kids. It is too easy TODAY to be 50% here, 50% there at the same time or even worse 30%, 30%, 30%.

The best way to CONSISTENCY and SUCCESS is through Habit; make your journey to SUCCESS habits. Once your HABITS on in line with your journey, then you will see the RESULTS you are REACHING FOR. Wake up at the same time each day no matter your schedule, schedule your priorities towards your SUCCESS. If weight loss is your goal, then Nutrition and Exercise should be in your TOP 5 Priorities. If Financial Stability is your goal, then WORK and READING need to be your TOP 5 Priorities. If having a loving family life, guess what needs to be in your TOP 5 priorities?


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